Below is a small list of some of the services we're have provided for our customers.
 If there is a particular service you need and it is not listed on the left , please do not hesitate to email us...... Fahrenheit IT looks forward to hearing from you.

Building and project managing email platform solutions to support up to 100 users and collaborative working using Zimbra.
Migrating and rebuilding Highly Available Windows based AAA/Radius platform from one location to another data centre on new HP hardware and SAN fabric.

Project managing equipment and services from an existing data centre to a  new one (Co-location or green field) including new network hardware and infrastructure deployment and rollout.
Designing and deploying the infrastructure for a Web application to track the management and location of trains using GPS tracking overlaid on GoogleMaps several providers, within a Development, live like and Live environment, through to Go-Live, within a data centre environment

Designing and deployed a train to shore file transfer infrastructure which supports instantaneous & batch transfer  over Wifi and IPSec to the target customers network. Inception of this design and implementation was first setup using a Proof of Concept phase then rolled out to several other stations. This included the improvement of existing WiFi technology within the solution.

Primarily involved in performing transformation of over 400 Aix, Linux, VMware (Linux and Windows) and Unix servers from an existing customers network into a new customer specific datacenter for a global Automotive giant. 
We are not phased by large projects and have a profound understanding of data centres. We are also able to recommend and design co-location and providers for.

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