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We can provide our customers with a complete bespoke firewall solution using Open Source or commercial products to suit your budget. Protecting your business and network/systems is common place and we understand how sensitive access and data leaks can be.  Call in our experts for a free consultation.

Conditional Access Systems
Do you have a client network or remote network which you need to provide access to your staff based on access control? Or provide a single access portal to a remote network - If so, you need  one of Fahrenheit's conditional access portal. This is a system which sits on the boundary between two logical/physically separate networks and provides access to users who need access to that.These can provide restricted access by a number of mechanisms allowing safe and secure access to files or applications or provide support to a support team.

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Ethical hacking/network security and pen testing.
An evaluation of your current systems or network which can be targeted towards systems or a specific aim, this may include social hacking and testing your own companies staff against social hacking. Many companies do not have sufficient procedures to protect against seeming hackers who request unauthorised access to systems. Equally we can test your in-house/hosted systems against targeting hack-in attempts and report on our findings.

Can setup management of your onsite and remote systems and devices to give you an  SLA [ Service Level Agreement ] statistics for availability and down time. 
Using our in-house management platform, our support engineers can monitor Systems, network devices and application servers using an industry standard monitoring protocol.  
On notification of any issue, we can alert you via email, pager or SMS with a suitable message. 
This maybe useful for critical business systems during and outside office hours where you may not have the resource to provide such services in-house.

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