We currently work with a number of suppliers and technical solutions specialists who are expert in providing business quality and high grade redundancy networking products for your business

We also offer a number of services for residential customers and believe that service is more about quality and helping people spend their money wisely and getting something for nothing, Value add and customer satisfaction.

Internet connectivity using ADSL or Cable (Virgin Media) or 3G internet, also known as mobile broadband.
Wireless/Wifi appraisal and “why doesn’t my wifi work properly”
Windows Anti virus appraisal/cleanup

Firewalls 266E2E6B-1FF4-4BA1-92C9-34FD90432A21
We can provide our customers with a complete bespoke firewall solution using Open Source or commercial products to suit your budget. Protecting your business and network/systems is common place and we understand how sensitive access and data leaks can be.  Call in our experts for a free consultation.

Network Service2-2
Network Monitoring

As an extension of our Management services, we can provide network link and bandwidth usage statistics to give you real time usage of your network, internet link or  proprietary connection where ever it happens to be. Using our graphing tools we are able to give accurate metrics against any network link.  We have used this to great effect previously which helped identify network capacity issues with a Voice Over IP telephony system 

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