Many businesses operate within the confines of a reactive support environment without understanding what really drives their businesses IT needs. We provide effective consulting for all customers who recognise that their IT is managing them and that thier current IT isn't meeting the demands of the business.
Some of the services we offer to our customers is a risk assesment of your current IT which will identify issues which we will produce a report for your business and suggest ways to mitigate any risk to your business.

IT Audit
Some businesses are unaware of the current state of their IT systems in terms of the physical machines, hardware support, software licensing and artifacts which exist in their company. We will take care of this unknown situation and perform an IT audit of all hardware and software and peripherals, along with a security and network audit, identifying critical items such as Anti Virus needs, licensing and a logical and physical audit. From this we will register all items in a easily readable format and a report which provides a basis and benchmark of how to progress towards divising a IT purchasing strategy. This also counts towards any IT compliance issues that the company may be working towards.

Business Accreditation & Compliance.
Is your busineses looking towards obtaining an industry related compliance or accreditation such as PCI DSS, Lexcel or an industry specific IT compliance policy. Are you struggling to understand the jargon and business implications of your current situation with regards to whether your business is aligned with these compliance requirements or how to align to them

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